TOXIC THESES on GEOPOLITICS Understanding ‘IMPERIALISM’ in the New World Order

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Yayınevi :
Berikan Yayınevi
Basım Yeri / Yılı :
ANKARA / 2020
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Ebat :
14 cm X 21 cm
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The book in your hands (you should hold this book with two hands) consists of intense analyses of the New World Order beginning with the 2008 financial crisis, accompanying the resolution of the age of information, which is defined as the world of “Post-Truth” – a distortive phenomenon characterising the crisis of a “rentier capitalist block” – and the rise of a New Mode of Accumulation through the merger of Information Technologies and Operational Technologies.
By implication, the intelligencia – and especially the Left intelligencia – has always been “scholastic”, literally in the Mediaeval sense.  Therefore the critique and analyses in this book offer a “TOXIC” approach to this current leftist (scholastic) understanding of the New World Order.  The ongoing crisis is not the crisis they define.  The “social events” they applaud are not that of what they appreciate.  Their readings of history and contemporary politics were farcical.  Once again they failed and the mentality they adhere to is condemned to fail for forever.
However one should start thinking like a sailor who is deprived of technological instruments for navigation – asking the least risky, the very cartesian question:  what should we rely on?  To traditional lighthouses for tracing the waypoints, we follow the hardest and most concrete information we have at hand: the map at hand, we look at energy routes, energy resources, to see who earns by selling to whom.  It is only over this constellation that the ideological sphere related to ethnic, religious and sectarian attributions become meaningful in understanding how they were manipulated in proxy wars.
The writers of this booklet, the mentor ‘The Redskin’ Prof Şener Üşümezsoy and Engin Kurtay are gratefully thankful to Director Ali Polat for his contributions in some of the texts by his relentless pursuit for information.

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