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Yayınevi :
Berikan Yayınevi
Basım Yeri / Yılı :
ANKARA / 2020
Sayfa Sayısı :
Ebat :
14 cm X 21 cm
Fiyatı :
This non-commercial publication is conceived in the form of a collection of scientific and popular science articles, notices and news stories that have come out of the pen of various authors in or translated to English.
The material presented in this book is, mainly related to the culture, art, and way of life, traditional beliefs, social policy, spirituality, history, literature, Shamanic mythology, epic poems, and Shamanism of Khakas people. 
The main theme of the book is Shamanism which has been the religion and worldview of ancient Turks till present days. We can define it like a Turkic civilization of pre-monotheistic religions in history of Turks.
Unfortunately, we have not have any plan how to prepare and publish this book, so only material that has been sent us as soon as possible was included to present collection.
Together with that we would like to thank all scholars who participated in our project by contributing their articles and writings.
If we express our well-wishes and give our blessing “algys” in accordance with ancient Shamanism, which is at least 40 thousand years old, then we can say the following: may the great Gods and sacred Mother Nature, the borders of which are the dynamic infinity of the cosmos, give happiness and prosperity to all people, regardless of whether they feel the need for religion or not, that is, without discrimination on religious grounds; alas alas alas!
I especially want to state my sincere gratitude to the “Berikan” Publishing House and its entire friendly team of professionals, as well as my dear wife Nükhet Okutan Davletov for the understanding, support and patience rendered to me during this busy week.

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